Everything You Need to Know For Facials at Home

Let’s try to keep things simple and fresh this summer. With all the “maskne”, and other harmful elements that are making our skin vulnerable, we found some ways to make this summer a little more “fresh” regarding how we take care of our skin. 

First, wash those reusable cloth masks! If you haven’t yet washed your reusable mask, now is the time. If you happen to use disposable ones, be sure to dispose of them after they’ve been used. The worst thing you could do for your skin is allow makeup, oils, dirt, and other pollutants to be trapped and be up against your skin for multiple uses. By washing, or applying a fresh mask, you can help reduce the amount of filth that your skin is confined to. 

Wash your face! Not just a trendy self-help book, but actually take time to wash or exfoliate your face and refresh your skin this summer. Remove the sweat and oil and start enhancing your complexion with neuREFLECTION™ complexion perfecting polish. This helps start fresh and allow your skin to get a breath of fresh air. neuREFLECTION™ contains nature’s gift of White Activated Binchotan Charcoal, which provides intense detoxification to congested pores for a diminished appearance while magnesium oxide and sugar work in harmony to exfoliate for an instantly smoother, more radiant complexion. Nourish and hydrate with supremely moisturizing shea butter for an all-day soft touch and glow.

Be safe and healthy this summer! Glow it up this year and remember to be careful of yourself and others.