Back to our neuNORMAL

Whether school/work is completely open, partially open, or all remote, we have a neuNORMAL to get accustomed to. With masks still required in most public places, and social distancing required, we understand this may not have been what we expected at the start of 2020. 

We have a solution for the maskne problems from the masks that are currently required for public places. neuREFLECTION™ complexion perfecting polish will help exfoliate and clean the dirt and oils from the day, and leave your skin feeling so smooth and refreshed. A gentle reminder to clean your reusable masks, and to not touch your face for any reason!

With half our faces covered up, it’s important to put a little more emphasis on what we actually can see. neuLASH® lash enhancing serum & neuBROW brow enhancing serum® enhances our brows and lashes to look their best. So keep those lashes and brows looking beautiful for all those to see. 

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