A Guide to Summer Skincare Routines

This summer, let’s try to take better care of our skin and body. Here are the top 10 most important tips for your new summer skincare routine. 

  1. Take better care of your body – Make sure your skin care doesn’t end with just your face. Extend your skincare products to your neck and hands. 
  2. Drink more water – In the summer we are susceptible to dehydration, we need to make sure the insides of our bodies are getting the hydration it needs. Your skin will thank you for choosing the water over the soft drinks. 
  3. Clean out cosmetics – In the summer, we usually apply less makeup anyways, we might as well clean out the expired makeup. Cleaning your makeup brushes and bag also helps to keep things fresh and clean. 
  4. Go see your dermatologist – Get a skin check and make sure nothing is suspicious or dangerous. Also ask about removing and adding products.
  5. Use neuINFUSION™ dry masks – Once a week is a nice idea to detox and allow your skin to benefit with the neuINFUSION™ dry masks. Find a good book, or binge watch your favorite show while you let the mask enhance your skin. 
  6. Cut back on retinol – Summer + Retinol is a not so great combination. Find one to use in the evening (or some time when you aren’t as exposed to sun) and be sure to wear sunscreen. 
  7. Swap moisturizers – Make sure the thick winter moisturizer is put away and opt for a lighter moisturizer to help prevent breakouts. 
  8. Salon at home – Check out any of Skin Research Laboratories® products and give yourself a little TLC after those long summer days. You can’t go wrong with bringing the salon home to you. 
  9. Use sunscreen – EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Be sure to apply and reapply as this is the best preventative against aging and sunspots. 
  10. Exfoliate – use neuREFLECTION™ complexion perfecting polish no more than twice a week. Let the microbeads help remove the dead skin.