How to Create a Better Night-time Routine

Whether you want to create a better night-time routine or just want more quality of sleep, use these 7 tips to help! 

  • Morning chores – Do you find yourself leaving the house in a rush, or never can find your keys before you leave? Getting yourself ready for the next day, the night before, can help with the winding down process. So pick out your outfit, gather your things, and get yourself ready for a better night. 
  • Watch what you eat/drink and when – Eating a nice dinner before bed will help soothe you to sleep but make sure you aren’t drinking a ton before bed or you’ll be interrupted during your sleep. Avoiding alcohol before bed can also promote better sleep. While it can make you tired initially, it can actually ruin the quality of your sleep. 
  • Pre-bedtime playlist – Making a “bed-time” playlist could be very helpful to wind down at night. Listening to music can help improve sleep quality. Noises like sound machines can also help with soothing sounds to put you sound to sleep. 
  • Drink some tea – Don’t underestimate the power of some decaffeinated chamomile tea. Studies show that feelings of anxiety diminish and sleep improves. Soothing flavors can help your caliber of sleep. 
  • Adjust your temperature – Be your own Goldilocks! Don’t let the room be too hot or cold but finding just the right temperature can make all the difference. 65 degrees is usually the average cold temperature. Our bodies sleep better and longer with a perfect temperature. 
  • Journal – Allowing time before bed to reflect on the day by writing in a physical journal is a great way to relieve stresses. Giving yourself time to think about great things that happened and resolve issues will help with better sleep. 
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Winding down for the day by limiting screen time, giving yourself a little “me” time and doing things you enjoy all help for a better night-time routine. Give yourself some healthy rest by being proactive for a better night’s sleep.