10 Best Habits for Self-Care for 2021

Looking for ways to create a better and neu-er you? Start 2021 with the 10 best habits for self-care to maintain a bright and beautiful appearance. 

Go for a run. Mentally exhausted from the holidays? Releasing endorphins through running will help clear your mind. Running, or working out, can also help you stay heart-healthy and fit. 

Sleep. Getting as much sleep as you can (up to 8 hours) is so good for your brain. Not to mention, it helps allow your body the chance to recover from the day. Remember not to over exhaust yourself, and ask for help when needed. 

Stay hydrated. Water has many incredible benefits to our bodies, you’d think we would be drinking it more often! Drinking water helps replenish your organs and keeps you more alert. Next time you’re thirsty, try some ice cold water and see the benefits for yourself. 

Think positively. Our subconscious dictates how we behave and live our lives. Having a positive outlook helps your day seem more upbeat and fulfilled. Affirmations are a huge step for controlling our inner voice. 

Take another route to work. Do a mental reset. Refresh the mind and help add some flair to an everyday mundane activity. Routines are great, but making sure there is some variation can be beneficial.

Eat healthier. Fuel your body with good, healthy ingredients to keep up a healthy weight. Through a diverse and colorful palette, your mind can recall information better and junk food can make you feel sluggish. Your overall health improves as well with better eating. 

Have a wonderful neu-YEAR with an incredible neu-YOU. Try these habits this year and share with your friends!