Just Relax

Let’s face it, our busy schedule doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for “me” time or relaxation. Every day is packed with appointments, job or home duties, and commuting, and somewhere in there, we all have to fit in eating, dressing, and sleeping. Needless to say, relaxation is not at the top of most of our priority  lists.

Since relaxation will probably never take precedence over our many tasks, it might be time to get creative. Below are some ideas to help us all squeeze in a bit more relaxation in our lives.

– Make an appointment to relax – Sometimes the only way we are going to get time for ourselves is to treat relaxing like another task that needs to be completed in our day. So, make a 30-minute appointment to do something relaxing.

-Take a walk – Sometimes the best thing we can do for our productivity is to step away from what we are doing and take a walk. Taking time to relax and think about other things might be just what is needed to hit the “refresh” button on our minds.

– Take advantage of those “waiting room” moments – If you commute every day through traffic, wait to pick up kids, or find yourself in a waiting room, take advantage of that time to relax. It is so common to spend this time in a tense state, subconsciously still feeling “on the clock.” Instead, use this time to focus on your breathing and clearing your mind, so you can feel recharged for the rest of your day.

– Avoid picking up that phone – It is common practice to convert any breaktime into a chance to use your electronics. Next time you have some downtime, resist picking up your phone. Instead, think about positive moments you are grateful for. Removing yourself from technology for even the briefest of moments will help you to reset your brain and feel renewed.

– Simplify your routine – What can be taken out of your daily routine? How can you simplify and make your day easier? Skin Research Laboratories® has created a kit designed to fit into your busy schedule. Their Beauty on the Go Mini Kit can go with you, no matter where life takes you. Your staple beauty routine just got a whole lot easier.

Whether you are the hard-working employee, the dedicated caregiver, or the busy society influencer, your time matters. Find time, starting today, to relax and enjoy life more because you deserve it.