The 2-Step Skincare Routine

Let’s face it, none of us have time for lengthy skincare routines anymore. We all want the benefits from a tedious skincare routine without having to complete the full regimen everyday.  Skin Research Laboratories® understands this predicament and has created a new kit designed specifically with your skin (and your schedule) in mind.

The new Complexion Kit is a 2-step system designed to bring your skin a new level of hydration and nourishment.  Utilizing a highly effective exfoliator and unique, new dry masks, your skin will experience a new level of radiance without the mess or hassle of a long skincare routine.

The neuREFLECTION™ complexion perfecting polish is the first step to healthier-looking skin.  This exfoliating polish helps remove dead skin, debris, and oils from your skin, prepping it for the hydrating and nourishing powers of the neuINFUSION™ dry masks.  Consider this the primer before the paint, the rehearsal before the show, or the practice before the game. It is a vital part of this 2-step system, helping your skin to get the most out of the neuINFUSION™ dry masks.

The neuINFUSION™ contouring DRY face and neck masks are powered by advanced technology and unique ingredients and can be used in your routine six times.  These completely dry masks utilize a breakthrough delivery system of infused microparticles to bring nutrients and hydration to your skin without the mess or hassle of the traditional mask.  It is time for the main performance that you have been preparing for. You are now ready to complete the second part of the 2-step system by slipping these dry masks on your clean, dry skin. 

This new 2-step system is an easy, mess-free alternative to your standard skincare routine.  So, take a break from the normal, try something new, and find a new level of convenient nourishment as you journey on.