5 Reasons to Try Beauty Enhancing Cosmetics

For some, makeup is a perfectly fine tool for use when leaving the house or momentous occasions; they may brush on some foundation and a coat of mascara before hitting the road. For some, makeup is a way of life; they contour, highlight, blend, conceal, and define to picture-perfection every morning. 

Regardless of your go-to look, any makeup routine should fit into and enhance your life — not make it more difficult. Both of these mindsets have one thing in common: the right products can make life easier. Let’s look at how beauty enhancing cosmetics like Skin Research Laboratories® neuCONTOUR brow enhancing pomade™ and neuMASCARA™ lash enhancing mascara can simplify your beautify.

Style and smile

neuCONTOUR™ brow pomade and neuMASCARA™ are infused with our proprietary lash and brow enhancing serums. This creates a silky-smooth product that not only adds the definition and color you need during the day, but nourish and condition your lashes and brows behind the scenes. Power-packed peptides love your lashes and brows without adding one more step to your morning makeup routine.

A little? Or a lot?

Like to switch up your look? neuCONTOUR™ and neuMASCARA™ each contain fine fibers to provide the instant appearance of longer lashes and fuller brows while also offering smooth coverage from day to night. From the office to the gym to date night, customizable coverage keeps you looking gorgeous while you nourish the appearance of your lashes and brows.

Strength and beauty

Chances are, you already use cosmetics and skincare products every day. When you’re pressed for time or well-accustomed to a routine, adding one more step can be a daunting undertaking. Since you’re already swiping mascara and defining your brows, why not use products that are designed to reduce your overall reliance on makeup? Keep your lashes looking luxurious and your brows beautiful with products boasting science-backed formulas that keep them healthy, too.

Cut the clutter

How many products have you bought, tried, and then discarded to the back of your makeup drawer with unsatisfactory results? Combining your lash and brow enhancing serums and makeup not only cuts down on environmental waste, but cuts the clutter in your bathroom, vanity, or makeup bag. (Bonus: two-in-one serums and cosmetics also help you travel light while on the road!)

Fiber-filled or just filled-in?

Instagram makeup tutorials often show makeup artists flawlessly line, fill in, clean up, and fine-tip their brows to camera-ready perfection in a matter of seconds. The truth is, not only do these techniques take years to master, they look. . . well. . . one-dimensional. Drawn-on brows and unnaturally large, thick false lashes cheapen and detract from the natural beauty of the eyes. neuCONTOUR™ and neuMASCARA™ contain silk-soft fibers that adhere to your natural lashes and brows to instantly create the appearance of longer, fuller features where you need it most. Want to tone it down for daytime errands? Try a swipe or two. Looking for a bold, dramatic look for a long-awaited special event? Layer and layer again! Your life; your look!

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