Say “I DO” to these 2021 Bridal Beauty Trends

We know that weddings are not one-size-fits-all and neither are bridal looks. This year, bridal trends are evolving to match the brides. Whether you want to wow a crowd or keep it au natural, there is a trend specifically for you. 

Here are some of the upcoming bridal makeup and hair trends for 2021:

First up, hair. 

Lived-in textured waves is a chic option for an effortless, yet stunning, natural look. Whether it is let down with a barrette or in an updo, this mimics the natural texture of hair. “Modern” brides may choose to stay close to their roots with an elegant updo, but a little more relaxed. Instead of stressing on having every hair in place, the trend for a more simple updo with looser pins and falling pieces that frame the face. For a more romantic look, go all out with big Hollywood waves. No matter what you choose, all eyes will be on you. 

Long gone are the traditional bridal glam days. More dramatic looks and even more color in makeup bridal palettes. Matching masks and dresses are also becoming a huge trend, which bring even more attention to the eyes. Brows and lashes will have no other option but to look fierce since that may be the only features guests will see on your big day. Grab a lash serum such as neuLASH® lash enhancing serum or neuBROW brow enhancing serum®. Don’t settle for anything less than longer-looking, showstopping lashes and thicker-looking, envy-worthy brows. Adding cheerful (but not too bold) eyeshadow and eyeliner colors will be a fun creative way to change up bridal glam. Nude lips used to be the go-to for brides for generations, 2021 is coming in hot with bold lip colors. You can achieve a romantic, minimalistic, and striking look all with a perfectly chosen lipstick. 

These and more bridal trends will blow us away during 2021. After the year we all just had, it will be a beautiful change in pace with some colorful makeup, lips, and letting hair down and loose.