First Responders Giveaway

We have been so inspired by the many heroic stories from our recent first responder giveaway post. We wanted to give back and highlight these “winners” from our contest. 

Christina Ponce 

A single mother currently working in Jones Beach & Staten Island, NY. She is on the frontlines along with many other incredible dedicated medical personnel for 12+ hour shifts. They have been non-stop for 34+ days hoping to help make a difference. Christina helps swab over 1,000 patients a day for drive-thru testing and helps give encouragement and support to those affected by COVID-19. 

Chahait Singh 

She is currently a physician and anesthesia resident in the NY/NJ area. Being an anesthesiologist, she has to make life-altering decisions through traumas and for surgeries. In her hospital there are 15 makeshift ICU units for COVID-19 patients. Due to the ongoing pandemic, she has added more 12-hour shifts in her already busy schedule. The personal protection she is required to wear has made her completely drenched in sweat after her shifts are over. She goes into/out of work each day with a smile knowing she could be the difference in someone’s life. Her and her team were able to get breathing tubes out of 5 patients in the ICU within 2 days. 

Fadia Alasmar 

She is a medical professional by day and author by night. She understands how real and scary this virus is, and was shaking giving an exam to a positive COVID-19 patient. With rules and regulations changing daily in her hospital, she worries everyday that she may inadvertently infect her loved ones with this deadly disease. The support that the medical professionals have been receiving at this time has been able to help her persevere. 

Brooke Csaky 

A physician’s assistant working the frontlines in the Emergency Department of her hospital with COVID patients and staff. The environment is very stressful inside the Emergency Department. She can’t imagine having any other job and loves the comfort and support she can provide to those who need it most in this pandemic.