10 Quarantine Beauty Hacks

While we are all social distancing and trying to find things to do to keep us sane, we have come up with 10 Quarantine Hacks for Beauty. 

We hope you enjoy these, do them all or pick and choose the ones that resonate with you. This is meant to give you some sense of accomplishment, pride, and beauty. 

  1. Organize Bathroom Drawers 

Pick a random drawer in your bathroom, we can almost guarantee that it is probably cluttered and disorganized. Set a timer on your phone, grab a trash bag and start throwing away the junk and organizing! There is no right way to organize, so make it however is most efficient and effective for you. 

  1. Self Affirmations 

You might be confused what this has to do with beauty. Hear us out – We are all in this together, not putting on makeup/working, out/tanning, or whatever the normal beauty routine looks like for you. We could look at ourselves in the mirror and point out all the “problems” or “ugliness” we see, OR we could say something positive about our natural body. Our natural skin tone, hair color, eyelashes, body shape, etc. Positivity has everything to do with internal and external beauty. 

  1. Clean Makeup Brushes 

When was the last time you actually cleaned your makeup brushes or beauty blender? Foundation brushes should be washed every 7-10 days on average. Other makeup brushes (eyeshadow, bronzer, etc) should be washed around twice a month. Let’s all be honest and say nobody ever has time for that, but now we can give a little extra time out of our day to clean our brushes! 

  1.  Clean Cosmetic Bag 

Either buy a new cosmetic bag, or deep clean the one you have. If you are already going to clean your brushes you might as well clean where you keep them. Follow the specific instructions from the creator to clean your cosmetic bag. 

  1. Bring the Salon Home – buy Skin Research Laboratories® products

Don’t stress over the fact that your favorite salon is temporarily closed, instead, grab some products from Skin Research Laboratories®. Whether you want to target lashes or brows, or decide to spoil yourself and get one of our exclusive kits. You can’t go wrong with any of our products to bring the salon home. 

  1. Wash your toothbrush holder 

Whether it is plastic for travel or stays in one spot on your sink, it most likely needs to be washed. Some can be thrown in the dishwasher or cleaned with soap and water. Just make sure you clean and dry it according to its directions! 

  1. At-home workout 

With gyms closed, it is time to get a little more creative with at-home workouts. Lots of personal trainers are discounting their services for a month, or, as local laws permit, simply a walk around the neighborhood would be great exercise. Get up and get moving, even if it is during your hour lunch break.

  1. Wash your toothbrush 

For those who don’t feel safe going to the store to buy a new toothbrush, there’s a way to safely wash your toothbrush. Boil some water, place the toothbrush head in the water for 2-3 minutes and the water helps to disinfect your toothbrush in a pinch.  

  1. Eat Healthy!! 

With limitations on grocery store visits, make sure you are still keeping up with your nutrients that you might be lacking. Google some healthy recipes and place an online order at your local grocery store for the ingredients. Then, spend some time cooking it. Then relax and enjoy. 

  1.  Throw away expired makeup 

Go through your bathroom cabinets and throw away any old or expired makeup. Most makeup companies post the shelf-life directly onto the product. A general rule of thumb would be mascara lasts around 3 months, eyeliner/eyeshadow lasts every 6-12 months, lipsticks and any facial product/foundation lasts a year.