Fighting the Hydration Battle

Why Hydrate?

Water makes up about 60% of our bodies. It is used for hygiene, food preparation, physical activity, plant food, and for many more things. It is literally all around us. But, somehow, with so much hydration constantly in our lives, many of us still experience some form of dehydration. 

For many, the battle to supplement our body’s hydration to make up for dry air, sweating, and even breathing starts every morning. But, alleviating thirst is only one important reason to hydrate.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and as we come to learn more about it, we are realizing that good or bad hydration can have visible results on our skin. Dry skin can become chapped, damaged, or even appear aged or tired. Skin can easily lose its soft, supple appearance, leaving it looking stretched and sometimes even haggard. 

Needless to say, if better hydration can give us the chance of having healthier-looking skin, it is time to figure out a hydration routine that works for you.

Tips for Battling Hydration with the Perfect Water Bottle

Find a reusable water bottle that you can enjoy carrying around. 
Look for the stylish accessory bottle
Look for the easy-to-carry bottle
Look for durability
Find a water bottle that is easy to wash.
Always keep your water bottle in sight to remind you to hydrate.
Be sure your water bottle is durable enough for the gym and classy enough for the office.
Insulated vs. single-layer bottles – it’s your preference
Never put anything but water in your designated water bottle. 

Now Hydrate

Now it is time to hydrate. As you go out into the world to conquer your day, take that perfect water bottle with you. Enhance your life by enhancing your hydration.

Take Advantage of your Newfound Hydration with the New Complexion Kit
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