A Small Act of Kindness

At Skin Research Laboratories®, we believe that improving the world we live in starts with a small act of kindness.  Sometimes the littlest gesture, a thoughtful word of encouragement, or even a breakfast burrito can lift spirits, save lives, and strengthen heroes.  

In Shasta County, California, small acts of kindness have become an everyday practice as the devastation of the Carr fire continues to spread and destroy.  It is through these selfless acts, that a small ray of hope can penetrate the darkness, giving people the courage to persevere as they work to rebuild their lives, their communities, and their new normal.

Chelsea Lutz and her daughter Gracie Lutz decided to leave a positive impact by showing their appreciation for the brave firefighters who were actively battling the blazes.  Multiple times, Gracie Lutz personally handed out breakfast burritos to firefighters as they returned from the night shift (watch video here).  

Kailyn Erb, a member of a princess club in California, dressed up as a princess and travelled to Shasta County with other club members to lift the spirits of many displaced children.  Bringing donated toys with them, these princesses boosted the morale of the shelters they visited and helped the kids to feel comforted and safe.

No matter how big or small a kind act is, it can leave a lasting impact.  Building people up takes work, it takes sacrifice, and most importantly, it takes a commitment to find small ways you can enhance the lives of others.

Together, we can get through anything.

Please visit www.norcalunitedway.org/CARRfire to donate.